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Meet the Founders of Kibsi

Meet the visionaries behind Kibsi—the people committed to transforming the way you see and understand your world.

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Once upon a time...

Meet the movers and shakers behind Kibsi—the game-changing startup turning computer vision into actionable insights. Our co-founders Tolga Tarhan and Amir Kashani first teamed up in school, eventually co-founding Their innovative ideas around developer workflows and IoT made waves in the tech community. The duo then joined forces with strategic leaders Amanda McQueen and Eric Miller at Onica, creating an AWS-focused powerhouse that caught the eye of Rackspace Technology.

Post-acquisition, our team didn’t miss a beat. Tolga took on the CTO role, Amanda led strategy, Amir managed engineering, and Eric spearheaded pre-sales. Together, they steered Rackspace back into the public spotlight with a successful IPO.

Inspired and battle-tested, our core four founded Kibsi. With our platform, video cameras morph into smart, AI-driven tools. No more stress over complexities or costs; it’s innovation made easy.

Join us on a journey where expertise meets cutting-edge tech, all aimed at creating a smarter, more efficient future!

Get to know the founders

Tolga Tarhan

CEO & Co-founder

With over 20 years steering product and engineering teams, Tolga Tarhan is nothing short of a tech virtuoso. An early adopter of cloud-native philosophies, he’s a hands-on technologist whose passion has sculpted Kibsi’s technical approach, vision, and strategy.

Holding an M.B.A. from the Graziadio Business School at Pepperdine University, Tolga marries business savvy with technical prowess. This unique blend ensures that Kibsi’s innovations are not only cutting-edge but also strategically sound.

Under Tolga’s guidance, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, ensuring that Kibsi remains a leader in technological innovation.

Amir Kashani

CTO & Co-founder

With two decades of experience under his belt, Amir Kashani is a linchpin in the realms of product and engineering. A pioneering force in cloud native development, Amir has shattered adoption barriers in serverless computing and IoT.

Sporting a B.S. in Information & Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine, Amir’s technical acumen keeps Kibsi at the forefront of innovation.

His expertise not only fuels our product development but also ensures that we’re always a step ahead in implementing cutting-edge technologies.

Amanda McQueen

CXO & Co-founder

With over 15 years in the tech industry, Amanda McQueen is a powerhouse in go-to-market, product, and brand strategies. Her passion lies in crafting exceptional customer experiences and nurturing a workplace culture that’s nothing short of award-winning.

Armed with a B.S. in Advertising and Business Administration from the University of Florida, Amanda’s expertise brings a balanced blend of creative thinking and business acumen to Kibsi. It’s no wonder she also steers the ship when it comes to Marketing and PR, making sure Kibsi’s story reaches the right ears—and resonates. 

Her strategic vision not only propels our market presence but also ensures a vibrant, value-driven culture for our team.

Eric Miller

CRO & Co-founder

Eric Miller is the magnetic energy fueling Kibsi’s platform evangelism and community building. Having held executive roles at tech powerhouses like Onica and Rackspace, Eric brings a unique blend of tech-savviness and leadership to the table.

As a graduate in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix, Eric’s skill set bridges the gap between business and tech. This ensures that Kibsi’s initiatives are not just visionary but are also grounded in the latest technological advancements.

With a finger always on the pulse of the industry, Eric’s seasoned insights help Kibsi craft solutions tailored to the nuanced needs of today’s businesses. He’s the guy making sure we’re not just part of the conversation, but leading it.

Kibsi is the talk of the town

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