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Kibsi Platform: Launch

Put away the duct tape & the glue

Build once and launch for multiple sites in the cloud or at the edge – with just a few clicks you can connect cameras, deploy applications, and gain brand new insights

We speed up deployment so you can get answers fast

Computer vision outcomes require a lot of components, assembled in just the right way, creating a time consuming and challenging process. 

Kibsi applications can be deployed to production in seconds, with just a few clicks – no fragile processes to build and maintain required!

Cloud, edge or hybrid: Kibsi's got you covered

Kibsi adapts to fit your needs, whether you’re all in on cloud, need on-premises privacy, or a mix of both. Our platform is designed to seamlessly fit into your existing setup, so you can focus on what matters: turning insights into action.

Streamlined Video Processing

Breaks down video processing into clear steps for efficient operations

Your in Control

Choose where each component operates to meet your bandwidth and privacy needs

Hybrid Capability

Mix and match on-prem and cloud solutions without sending video to the cloud

Privacy & Compliance

On-premises options provide extra layers of security for sensitive data

photo of security camera

All cameras welcome

Kibsi works with any IP or hardwired camera. Simply configure Kibsi to stream from your cameras or connect them through our Kibsi device, and immediately gain new capabilities from your existing camera infrastructure.

Build once, launch anywhere

Your investment in building an awesome application and data model can be easily deployed to multiple buildings, facilities, or locations with per-deployment customization, in just clicks.

USA map with purple icons connecting to the purple warehouse (application) safety graph. Broken into four sections; Worker, Machine, Violations, and Machine on.

How Does Kibsi Work in Your World?

Kibsi is designed to flex to your needs, offering real-time alerts, easy customization, and seamless API integration. Whether it’s tracking freight, monitoring manufacturing or keeping queues moving for concessions, Kibsi turns your video feeds into actionable insights. Intrigued? There’s a lot more to explore.

A cutting-edge computer vision platform

Unlock a realm of possibilities with Kibsi. Seamlessly integrate our smart vision platform with your existing systems, whether you’re a business enhancing the cameras you already have or a developer enriching your applications. Our intuitive APIs and streamlined tech ensure a smooth, limitless creation experience for everyone.
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Measure everything

Level-up your analyses with new data and insights that have never been accessible before. Use time-series data from Kbsi to inform business decisions, optimize workflows, and delight customers.

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A platform built for all users

A rich canvas to map detections into your business language. Our drag-and-drop interface allows anyone to build computer vision applications.

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Point and click deployment

Computer vision outcomes require a lot of components, assembled in just the right way. Kibsi has you covered from development through production, with just a few clicks – no fragile processes to build & maintain.

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Building blocks for any use case

Built-in computer vision models for thousands of objects and classes, curated to provide state-of-the-art detections. And of course, you can bring your own custom detectors built on common architectures.

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Detections + context for valuable insights

Compose multiple detectors with simple logic to gain additional insights and add context, creating limitless combinations.

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An API for the physical world

Treat the world as if it was a relational datastore. Understand the lifecycle, long-term state and interactions of detected objects. It’s like having an API that returns the state of the physical world.

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