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Kibsi Platform: DEPLOY & LAUNCH

Put Away the Duct Tape & Glue, We've Got This

Build once and launch for multiple sites in the cloud or at the edge. With just a few clicks, you can connect cameras, deploy applications, and gain insights.

ipad with the monitor of what Kibsi can do for embedded products

We Speed Up Deployment So You Can Get Answers Faster

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Computer vision outcomes require a lot of components, assembled in just the right way, creating a time consuming and challenging process. Kibsi applications can be deployed to production in seconds, with just a few clicks – no fragile processes to build and maintain required!

Cloud, Edge or Hybrid: Kibsi's Got You Covered

Kibsi is designed from the ground-up to split video processing into discrete steps – streaming, normalizing, detecting, and executing application logic. The entire process operates fully managed as part of the Kibsi platform, while any (or all) of these components can also operate on-premises to reduce bandwidth or support privacy and compliance requirements. Kibsi’s hybrid deployments support on-premises detections, requiring no video transmission or processing in the cloud.

one worker going through the monitors to check out the status of what is going on for embedded products

All Cameras Welcome

Kibsi works with any IP or hardwired camera. Simply configure Kibsi to stream from your cameras or connect them through our Kibsi device, and immediately gain new capabilities from your existing camera infrastructure.  

Build Once, Launch Anywhere

Your investment in building an awesome application and data model can be easily deployed to multiple buildings, facilities, or locations with per-deployment customization, in just clicks.

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A cutting-edge computer vision platform

For developers and product designers, Kibsi provides a wonderland of options and opportunities. Whether you’re looking to embed Kibsi into your physical camera or add it your awesome app, our APIs and clean technology make it breeze.