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Software being used and monitor with computer vision for embedded products

Enhance your cameras with video intelligence

Kibsi’s computer vision platform uses your existing IP cameras to give you eyes and insights all over your business. If you can see it, Kibsi can too!

Flexible architecture

Stream from any camera, anywhere, edge or cloud.

Video intelligence

Convert your live stream video into structured data

Powerful dashboards

Gain real-time insights and take immediate action

Valuable context

Understand and improve through historical data

How does Kibsi help?


Skyrocket performance

Leverage computer vision to enhance your workflows and business processes in real-time


Enhance and differentiate

Wow your customers by integrating computer vision into your hardware, software, and SaaS offerings


Enrich data lakes with visual data

Turn video into structured data for your data lakes to get compelling context and new insights

Meet Kibsi

Give your cameras superpowers

Stretch your tech without spending a fortune. From security cameras to webcams, Kibsi converts any live stream camera feed into rich streams of insights and data.
two workers being monitored on computer vision one with PPE and one without it for embedded products
worker checking the charts to monitor the area for embedded products

See your world in a whole new way

View live data, uncover trends, trigger alerts, and automate actions that empower analysts and business leaders with real-time understanding and historical analysis.

Identification and understanding

Kibsi does more than just identify objects, it adds context and relational rules to computer vision through machine learning and proprietary algorithms.
a man on a forklift while a coworker walks too close
men and women on their technology devices

Computer vision experts optional

Kibsi’s no-code, drag-and-drop experience gets you answers faster. Computer vision programmers and developers are welcome but certainly not required.

Unlimited options: our models or yours

With 1000s of ready to use, built-in objects and classes, you can start getting insights right away. Of course, adding your own objects is easy and automated, too.
person at a kiosk tapping a car icon to open that function for embedded products
two forklifts but one of them is a digital forklift as computer vision can build them with embedded products

Build digital twins that see

Use visual data to enhance your digital twins and give them incredible context without thousands of new sensors.

If you can see it, Kibsi can too!

Ensure worker safety while increasing production and quality
Supply Chain
Gain end-to-end visibility and analysis of physical goods and everything that moves them
Keep the wheels turning and stop traffic jams before they happen
Improve patient experiences and outcomes without costly or complex systems
Delight your customers with new understandings of how they shop and what they love
Serve your customers better: anticipate their needs and deliver exceptional experiences
Monitor and manage the flow of fans and traffic to give them something to cheer about
Life Sciences

Streamline operations and improve quality and compliance throughout the entire process

Zoos & Aquariums

Create amazing guest experiences while providing better care for your animals

Computer vision articles & resources

A cutting-edge computer vision platform

For developers and product designers, Kibsi provides a wonderland of options and opportunities. Whether you’re looking to embed Kibsi into your physical camera or add it your awesome app, our APIs and clean technology make it breeze.