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The Future of Work: Kibsi’s CEO Speaks to Authority Magazine

The Future of Work: Kibsi’s CEO Speaks to Authority Magazine

We are excited to see our CEO Tolga Tarhan featured in Authority Magazine on the Great Resignation and the Future of Work. Check out some of our favorite snippets of the interview below.

What is one thing employers can do now to help keep employees happy and engaged? 

Increase flexibility – employees expect flexibility in when and where they work, within reason. This is now an expected benefit, just like health insurance.

Describe a new trend you see in the workplace that will become the norm. 

I think we’ll see a change in how performance is measured. Most entering the workforce now grew up with a cell phone; they are used to having instant gratification. They do not have the patience for bureaucratic annual review cycles, it’s too slow. Performance, compensation, and retention management have to change.

What was one of your biggest takeaways on how COVID changed the employer-employee relationship? 

Employees will continue to demand more work-life balance. COVID was the “straw that broke the camel’s back.” More workers are now “working to live” vs. “living to work.” This is good and bad for employers: bad because employees are less likely to work 12-hour days or 7-day weeks to build their careers. And good because this was never sustainable and it’s forcing us to recognize the right staffing models and balance to create a happier and healthier workplace.

We are hearing a lot about mental health these days. What are employers doing to improve their employee’s well-being?

Employers should strive to build a workforce of “happy, high performers.” This means organizations must invest in building and maintaining an exceptional workplace culture. It requires great leadership, the right investments, and deliberate action. Employee happiness is a key leadership objective.

What is one of the aha moments you think employers are facing with the Great Resignation?

The most important thing for leaders to understand is that worker mobility is at an all-time high. Your competitors will hire your employees and allow them to work remotely. Leaders must ask themselves: why would someone choose to work here instead of any other company in the world?

What are your “top 5 trends for the future of work?” 

  1. Increased flexibility
  2. Increased transparency
  3. Tangible career growth
  4. Employee buy-in as it relates to your vision, mission, values, and brand
  5. A purposeful focus on culture

Read the full article here.

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