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Kibsi Platform: Detect

Detect Anything Using Our Models or Yours

With 100’s of built-in detectors, 1000s of standard models, and custom model support; Kibsi means business

ipad with the monitor of what Kibsi can do for embedded products

Kibsi Models Your One of a Kind World

Software being used and monitor with computer vision for embedded products

Gain contextual understanding of your video stream with thousands of  built-in detectors and enhancers that locate, track, and relate objects as they move across a scene. Kibsi is designed to work with your existing cameras, all while respecting privacy.

Imagine a Giant Warehouse Full of Built-in Detectors

Kibsi comes with built-in computer vision models for thousands of objects and classes, curated to provide state-of-the-art detections. Compose multiple detectors with simple logic to gain additional insights without the burden of having to train new models.
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Your Custom Models are First Class, Too

Add custom detectors built on common architectures such as YOLOv5, RESNET, Faster R-CNN, or create completely custom computer vision models built on PyTorch or Tensorflow. Kibsi gives your custom models superpowers with automatic interaction detection and stateful tracking.

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Enhance Detections with Object Attributes

Run additional computer vision models on detected objects to add context and attributes, creating limitless combinations.

Robust, stateful object tracking.

Run additional computer vision models on detected objects to add context and attributes, creating limitless combinations.

Track the movements of people, vehicles, animals, and more.

Calculate dwell and loiter times.

Build heatmaps of movement.

Enhance with attributes.

Handle partial and full occlusion.

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Understand Any Interaction

Kibsi understands interactions between all detected objects and categorizes the nature of the interaction (i.e. near, holding, etc), resulting in a relational understanding and data model that resembles a database, but for the physical world.

Any camera...Anywhere

photo of security camera
Kibsi is designed for reality and works with your existing camera installations. With multi-camera support, your applications aren’t restricted to a single field of view.

Built for Privacy

Kibsi does not detect the identity or identifying features of people, simplifying compliance with privacy laws and policies. Additionally, video data is not retained by Kibsi unless explicitly enabled in response to a detected event. Kibsi also provides the ability to create workflows for hybrid deployments, which means your video never leaves your premises.

Determine when people are holding, touching, or near an object

Categorize the nature of interactions between multiple people.

A cutting-edge computer vision platform

For developers and product designers, Kibsi provides a wonderland of options and opportunities. Whether you’re looking to embed Kibsi into your physical camera or add it your awesome app, our APIs and clean technology make it breeze.