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See the physical world as data

Kibsi applications enable business users, analysts, and developers to map the physical world into a relational data model and use a powerful no code environment to reason over it

ipad with the monitor of what Kibsi can do for embedded products

Turn your camera feeds into usable, actionable data now

Kibsi’s application builder enables business users, analysts, and developers to map the physical world into a relational data model using a powerful no-code environment. 

Build computer vision applications in minutes by mapping detections into your business language and defining relationships, computing formulas, and tracking complex state over time. 

Kibsi’s no-code environment and real-time feedback means developers aren’t required (but are welcome!)

No-code, meet computer vision

Kibsi’s application builder provides a rich canvas to map detections into your business language. Our no-code, drag-and-drop interface allows anyone to build custom computer vision applications in minutes, not years.

Because the world is more complex than a flowchart

Real-world objects and processes undergo complex state changes throughout their lifecycle. Whether it’s the state of a restaurant table or the steps required to assemble an airplane, state machines are modeled easily in Kibsi’s no-code environment.

Complex machines with dozens of states and transitions

Visual or expression-based transition rules

Configurable transition delays

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Reason over data with simple, powerful expressions

Kibsi’s expression language allows you to add calculated attributes to your data model, transitions to state machines, or triggers for events. It’s as easy as writing a spreadsheet formula, but powerful enough to process real-time visual data – without breaking a sweat.

A relational database for the physical world

Express interactions between detected objects and regions of interest as data relationships. Kibsi’s data model resembles a relational database, but for the physical world.

See & test your work in real-time

Run a test deployment of your Kibsi applications in an interactive visual environment, instantly. Kibsi gives you the ability to test with live cameras or recorded video and iterate in seconds.

Any camera, anywhere

Kibsi is designed for reality and works with your existing camera installations. With multi-camera support, your applications aren’t restricted to a single field of view.

Determine direction and speed of travel of an object or objects

Measure the size of groups, and the arrival and departure of people from a group

A cutting-edge computer vision platform

For developers and product designers, Kibsi provides a wonderland of options and opportunities. Whether you’re looking to embed Kibsi into your physical camera or add it your awesome app, our APIs and clean technology make it breeze.
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