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From the Kibsi blog:

Two Visionary Co-founders of Kibsi Set to Ignite Collision 2023

Two Visionary Co-founders of Kibsi Set to Ignite Collision 2023

Every year, the tech industry gears up for a grand spectacle known as the Collision Conference, where the brightest minds convene to celebrate innovation, share insights, and shape the future of technology. This year, two of Kibsi’s trailblazing co-founders, Amanda McQueen, CXO, and Tolga Tarhan, CEO, have been selected to share their wisdom and experience at this esteemed event.

Unveiling the Disruptors

Amanda and Tolga will be presenting on June 28th in the AWS Startup Loft Theater. Their session, “Be the Next Disrupter: How to Launch the Next Big Thing and Win as a Tech Founder,” promises to inspire budding entrepreneurs and seasoned tech leaders alike.

Kibsi, a SaaS, no-code computer vision platform for video, has been a game-changer for organizations of all shapes and sizes. With Kibsi, businesses can transform their existing video footage into actionable insights. Unlike traditional security cameras that merely record footage, Kibsi’s platform provides valuable data that can shape business decisions and strategies.

Collision 2023: Where the Tech World Meets

Dubbed as “North America’s Fastest-Growing Technology Conference,” Collision is an unrivaled venue for tech enthusiasts and industry leaders to connect and converse. The event is famed for its dynamic speakers, networking sessions, and deal-making meetings that span across a global platform.

In 2023, the conference aims to elevate the experience further. With 40,000+ attendees from over 140 countries, 950+ investors, and 2,000+ startups, Collision 2023 is set to be a bustling hub of ideas, innovation, and potential collaborations.

The Kibsi Difference: Transforming Video into Vision

For the uninitiated, Kibsi’s platform is a revelation. By connecting to existing or new video cameras in any environment, from warehouses and retail stores to hospitals and airports, it provides a unique perspective on everyday operations.

Kibsi’s platform enables users to create custom computer vision apps that run in real time, transforming video feeds into structured data that can be analyzed or used for real-time alerts. This ability to turn raw video footage into meaningful, actionable insights is what sets Kibsi apart.

For example, while a point-of-sale system at a coffee shop can tell you that 100 cups of coffee were sold, only Kibsi could reveal that 150 people went through the line, or that 75 people abandoned it. Such insights open up new avenues for understanding customer behavior and improving operational efficiency.

Join the Revolution at Collision 2023

As we look forward to hearing from Amanda McQueen and Tolga Tarhan at Collision 2023, we anticipate an enlightening discussion on how to disrupt the status quo and carve a unique path in the tech world. Their session is sure to be a highlight of the conference, offering attendees a chance to learn from the minds behind one of the most innovative companies in the tech industry today.

So mark your calendars for June 28th and be part of the event that is hailed as “where the tech world meets.” Join us at Collision 2023 for an unforgettable experience of growth, learning, and innovation. Will you be there to witness the future being shaped?

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