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From the Kibsi blog:

The Story Behind Our Name: Introducing Kibsi, the Future of Computer Vision

The Story Behind Our Name: Introducing Kibsi, the Future of Computer Vision

Naming a tech startup can be a daunting task – should you choose a quirky, sentimental, or completely random name? Maybe a little bit of everything!

Today, we’re excited to share the story behind our name, “Kibsi,” and how it represents our mission to revolutionize computer vision for businesses everywhere.

When we first came together as a founding group, we had a clear vision for our startup. We wanted to make computer vision accessible to every business without the need for custom code or expensive consultants. Our diverse backgrounds in technology, commercial, and operations led to some healthy debates, but we were all united by a single goal: to create a user-friendly and flexible platform that could connect to any existing IP cameras, empowering companies to build virtually any video intelligence use case in minutes, not months.

As we brainstormed ideas for the perfect name, we kept coming back to the power of visual data. The old adage, “a picture paints a thousand words,” seemed close to what we were going for, but we knew that video could paint even more. We wanted a name that communicated our focus on helping businesses see and understand their data in new ways.

The Name: Kibsi

We got a bit nerdy with our naming process. While 1,000 bytes equal a kilobyte, the term “kilo” is more commonly used by mathematicians. In the world of computers, we use “kibi” to represent 1,024 bytes. This led us to the first part of our name: “Kib.”

Our goal was to help businesses see more with video data, which inspired the second part of our name: “Si,” representing the idea of visualization and affirmation. And thus, Kibsi was born.

KIB = 1024 bytes of data


SI = See, visualize, yes

Kibsi is more than just a name, of course. Kibsi helps organizations unlock the power of computer vision, transforming the way they see and understand their businesses. With our platform connected to video, you’ll be able to do more than paint a thousand words – you’ll unveil new paths to brilliant opportunities.

Our CEO, Tolga Tarhan, explains, “Kibsi embodies our vision to make computer vision accessible and actionable for businesses of all sizes. Our name is a constant reminder of our commitment to innovation and our mission to help organizations see the true potential of their visual data.”

We hope you enjoyed learning about the story behind our name, Kibsi. We believe that a name should reflect a company’s mission and values, and we’re proud to say that Kibsi does just that. As we continue to develop our platform and help businesses leverage the power of computer vision, we’re excited to have you join us on this journey.

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