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Kibsi Computer Vision for Venues & Stadiums

Create a Memorable Experience at Your Venue with Computer Vision

Use your existing camera network to better understand your facilities while improving guest experience, safety and operational efficiency.

Transform Your Venue with Video Intelligence

Software being used and monitor with computer vision for embedded products

Computer vision skyrockets the world of venues and stadiums with valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences while streamlining operations. 

Through advanced image and video analysis techniques, Kibsi enables venues to improve guest experience, enhance security, reduct costs, and streamline operations.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Venue & Facilities

Kibsi’s next-generation computer vision platform let’s you stretch the tech you already have by using your existing security/video cameras to monitor, analyze and alert for critical events in real-time. With a point-and-click technology, it’s quick and easy to get up and running so you can get ROI straight away.

Optimize Guest Experience
Increase Operational Efficicency
Enhance Security & Safety
Grow Sales & Reduce Loss

Kibsi Delivers Computer Vision for Venues

Crows in a venue that are enjoying the game or show in a purple overlay

Traffic Flow Management

Maximize Efficiency & Safety

Kibsi can track the movement of people throughout your facility in real-time, identifying bottlenecks and crowded areas. This information can be used to optimize traffic flow and identify overcrowding enabling you to deliver a better visitor experience

several guests are waiting in a long line to enter the venue in a purple overlay

Queue Management

reduce Wait Times

Imagine being able to monitor queues for concessions, restrooms, ticketing and more. This would allow your managers to deploy staff to areas of high demand or to reroute visitors to less busy alternatives in order reduce wait times.

Several elegant guests standing giving applause in purple overlay

Attendance Tracking

Increase Revenue

From initial greeting to personalized shopping assistance, understanding the frequency and type of interactions your guests have with store staff can drive more sales and increase customer satisfaction.

several security officers watching the area in a purple overlay

Security Monitoring

Ensure Guest Worker & Safety

Kibsi is a valuable tool to monitor crowd behavior, identify possible security threats, and alert security personnel to potential problems before they become serious.

small boy with glasses is staring at popcorn and soda getting ready to order more in a purple overlay

Food & Beverage Management

Increase Concession Revenue

Let computer vision help you to track the inventory of food and beverage items and alert staff when restocking is needed thereby increasing revenue by reducing waste and keeping popular items in stock.

dont slip sign due to a wet floor or some caution with a purple overlay

Incident Detection

Look After Your Guests

The risk of guests being injured at your venue doesn’t have to keep you up at night. Kibsi’s AI computer vision can detect incidents, such as slips, trips, and falls, and alert staff so that they can take action quickly and care for your guests.

very decorated event space getting ready for an event with several tables, floral. and tablecloths in a purple overlay

Environmental Support

Promote Sustainability

Kibsi can help create a more sustainable venue while reducing your energy costs. For example, by monitoring lighting and people presence, Kibsi could potentially turn off lights where they aren’t needed and/or notify management.

very upset child with their hands in front of their face crying in a purple overlay

Lost Child Finding

Ensure Visitor Safety

By tracking the movements of visitors, Kibsi’s computer vision AI can be used to quickly and easily locate lost children, ensuring their safety and reuniting them with their families.

empty dining room with salt shakers in purple overlay

Maintenance Management

Maximize Uptime & Venue Quality

Monitor the condition of equipment and facilities using Kibsi’s computer vision. For example, you could have Kibsi alert maintenance staff to potential problems before they cause downtime.

caution wet floor sign in front of a orange cone with a mop cart in purple overlay

Hazard Monitoring

Alert to Hazards in Passageways or Areas

Keep your venue safe with the help of Kibsi. By designating specific areas as clear passages or open areas, Kibsi can use your existing camera network to monitor for people, obstructions, equipment or anything else that is in an area for an extended period of time. Real-time alerts will help your team react quickly and efficiently.

Empty stairwell that no one should be on due to unauthorized access with purple overlay

Unauthorized Access

Prevent People "Sneaking In"

Whether it’s an employee giving backdoor access to a friend or a visitor sneaking into a restricted area, Kibsi can flag people entering or exit doors or areas while alerting security for further review.

very big parking lot with several parked cars in a purple overlay

Parking Management

Improve Convenience

With Kibsi, you can use your existing parking area cameras to track the occupancy of parking spots and congested traffic areas. This allows you to direct visitors to open spots and redirect to reduce traffic congestion.