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Kibsi Computer Vision for Transportation Hubs

Get People to Their Destinations Faster & Safer with Computer Vision

Optimize safety, security, and efficiency in your airport, bus terminal, or train station by using your existing camera network.

Transportation Hubs Reach Their Destinations with Video Intelligence

Software being used and monitor with computer vision for embedded products

Kibsi, enables you optimize traffic flow, enhance safety and security, track and analyze luggage and even learn more about your passenger demographics.

Imagine being able to monitor facilities, elevators, and escalators, like never before with real-time information streamlining operations and improving the overall experience for your passengers.

Understand and Improve Your Stations, Terminals & Passengers Like Never Before

Kibsi’s next-generation computer vision platform lets you stretch the tech you already have by using your existing security/video cameras to monitor, analyze and alert for critical events in real time. With point-and-click technology, it’s quick and easy to get up and running, so you can get ROI straight away.

Enhance Security & Safety
Improve Passenger Experience
Ensure Policy Compliance
Increase Operational Efficiency

Kibsi Delivers Computer Vision for Transportation

crowded airport with people rushing around i purple overlay

Traffic Flow Management

Maximize Efficiency & Safety

Kibsi can track the movement of people throughout your facility in real-time, identifying bottlenecks and crowded areas. This information can be used to optimize traffic flow and identify overcrowding enabling you to deliver a better and safer passenger experience

long lines in the airport walking up to the counter and a lonely man walking up holding a suitcase in a purple overlay

Queue Monitoring

Reduce Wait Times

Imagine being able to monitor queues for restaurants, restrooms, ticketing and more. This would allow your managers to deploy staff to areas of high demand or to reroute visitors to less busy alternatives in order reduce wait times.

empty train station with a fast train coming through in a purple overlay

Passenger & Employee Safety

Monitor for Risks & Threats

Computer vision can take your security surveillance to another level by flagging suspicious behavior or people in unauthorized areas with a goal of ensuring that your passengers and employees are safe and secure.

absent luggage in a terminal waiting to be loaded or possibly lost in purple overlay

Left Luggage

Reduce Security Risks

Kibsi can easily identify luggage that has been left unattended anywhere your camera points. A real-time alert can get this information to security quickly and reduce security issues.

train passenger stepping into the train to start their day with a purple overlay

Incident Detection

care for Travelers & Staff

The risk of someone being injured at your facility doesn’t have to keep you up at night. Kibsi’s AI computer vision can detect incidents, such as slips, trips, and falls, and alert staff so that they can take action quickly.

Flight attendant and little girl pointing out items in the airport in purple overlay

Lost Child Finding

Ensure Passenger Safety

By tracking the movements of visitors, Kibsi’s computer vision AI can be used to quickly and easily locate lost children, ensuring their safety and reuniting them with their families.

two people walking in a airport parking garage with suitcases in purple overlay

Parking Management

Improve Convenience

With Kibsi, you can use your existing parking area cameras to track the occupancy of parking spots and congested traffic areas. This allows you to direct visitors to open spots and redirect to reduce traffic congestion.

Top of a ceiling with lights turned on in a purple overlay

Environmental Monitoring

Promote Sustainability

Kibsi can help create a more sustainable facility while reducing your energy costs. For example, by monitoring lighting and people presence, Kibsi could potentially turn off lights where they aren’t needed and/or notify management.

empty bus bench outside in a purple overlay

Maintenance Management

Maximize Facility Quality

Monitor the condition of equipment and facilities using Kibsi’s computer vision. For example, you could have Kibsi alert maintenance staff to potential problems, such as damaged furniture or disabled signs, quickly and efficienty.

3 airport signs showing a handicap sign, church and family restroom in a purple overlay

Restroom Management

Maximize Hygiene

By monitoring the traffic in and out of restrooms, Kibsi can help restaurants optimize cleaning and maintenance, maximizing hygiene and minimizing odors.

crowded area filling the airport as people grab food and drink with suitcases in a purple overlay

Footfall Analysis

Optimize resources & Revenue

Use Kibsi to gather data on customer movements and behaviors within your facility. This enables you to optimize the layout and placement of kiosks, customer support teams, or to inform the leasing conversations you have with businesses inside your hub.

crowded airport passengers getting ready to board a flight carrying several suitcases in a purple overlay

Passenger & Bag Counting

Optimize Staffing & Resources

Kibsi can accurately count the number of passengers entering and exiting your facility or even specific areas such as terminal gates. Taking it one step further, Kibsi could, for example, count hand luggage being carried on by passengers.