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Kibsi Computer Vision for Retail

Revolutionize Retail with Computer Vision

Use your existing camera network to better understand your stores and increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and gain a competitive edge in your market.

Transform Your Retail Stores with Video Intelligence

Software being used and monitor with computer vision for embedded products

Computer vision skyrockets the retail industry with valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences while streamlining operations.

Through advanced image and video analysis techniques, Kibsi enables retailers to improve customer service, enhance security, and reduce costs.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Retail Stores and Facilities

Kibsi’s next-generation computer vision platform let’s you stretch the tech you already have by using your existing security/video cameras to monitor, analyze and alert for critical events in real-time. With a point-and-click technology, it’s quick and easy to get up and running so you can get ROI straight away.

Monitor Store Traffic
Understand Customer Behavior
Enhance Security
Grow Sales & Reduce Loss

Kibsi Delivers Computer Vision for Retail

two shoppers speaking with the cashier asking about the flower pots in purple overlay

Customer Service

Enhance the Shopping Experience

Kibsi can track customer movements and behavior within a store, allowing you to better understand what products and services are most popular and to make real-time adjustments to inventory and layout delivering a more personalized and enjoyable shopping experience for customers.

two girls stealing clothes and handbags looking around trying not to get caught in a purple overlay

Loss Prevention

Reduce Shrinkage and Theft

By using your existing security cameras (or additional cameras) throughout the store, Kibi’s AI algorithms can identify suspicious behavior from would-be shoplifters or even untrustworthy employees.

a sales clerk and customer engaging about a blouse in a purple overlay

Interaction Time

Improve Customer/Staff Engagement

From initial greeting to personalized shopping assistance, understanding the frequency and type of interactions your guests have with store staff can drive more sales and increase customer satisfaction.

a customer walking out of the store without buying anything in a purple overlay

Footfall Analysis

Optimize Product Placement And Presentation

Use Kibsi to gather data on customer movements and behaviors within your store. This enables you to optimize the layout and placement of products to drive sales and a create a more enjoyable shopping experience for customers.

a store manager and the employee discussing performance reviews in a purple overlay

Employee Performance

Improve Productivity & Accountability

Track employee movements and behaviors around the store to better understand what tasks and activities are taking up their time. Use this information to improve processes and provide targeted training.

cashier putting money into the cash register in a purple overlay

Process Management

Streamline Operations for Efficiency

Being able to understand the sequnce of events happening in store can help you to identify where your standard operating procedures should be adjusted or where staff may benefit from additional training.

two girls shopping enjoying the day with new purchases and carrying shopping bags with a purple overlay

Trends & Popularity

Stay Ahead of the competition

Use Kibsi to gather data on customer behavior in store in order to spot their preferences invidually as a buying community. Adapt offerings and invest more space in hot products to be the go to store.

empty stairwell that isnt blocked off in a purple overlay

Employee Safety

Monitor for Risks & Threats

Computer vision can take your security surveillance to another level by flagging suspicious behavior or people in unauthorized areas with a goal of ensuring that your employees are safe and secure in and around your store.

customers are lined up and getting ready to pay the cashier in a purple overlay

Queue Analysis

Understand Wait Times & Abandonment

Tracking customer movement and behavior in the checkout line. Identify key metrics such as average and max wait time, abadonment rates in order to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

happy shopper getting great care with the cashier in a purple overlay

Purchase Changes

Analyze Last Minute Buy/No Buy Decisions

Your POS system is only capturing the items that a customer purchases. With Kibsi, you could be capturing data about last minute purchase decisions including additions or removals to better understand your customer behavior.

isle of shopping products stocked full in a purple overlay

Inventory Management

Keep Your Shelves Full of Product

Using your existing cameras along with Kibsi to keep an eye on stock on shelves/racks. Quickly identify products that need to replenished so you never miss a sale.

several shirts nicely folded in the store ready to be picked in a purple overlay

Store Appearance

Present a clean and orderly experience for shoppers

Kibsi can notify staff when key displays or areas need to be tidied up or organized. This will help you get resources to the right areas of your store and ensure that shoppers can find and buy the products they’re looking for.