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Kibsi Computer Vision for Manufacturing

Build smarter & faster with computer vision

Use your existing camera network to improve safety, quality, and efficiency.

Manufacturing Excels with Video Intelligence

Software being used and monitor with computer vision for embedded products

Kibsi’s computer vision platform is a game-changer for factories and warehouses. After all, 95% of manufacturers believe Computer Vision + AI is the next big thing for the industry.

Whether you’re looking to enhance worker safety, improve quality control, or simply reduce errors and waste, Kibsi will enable you to quickly and easily add computer vision to your facilities, improving your bottom line and giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Understand and improve your manufacturing facility like never before

Kibsi’s next-generation computer vision platform let’s you stretch the tech you already have by using your existing security and video cameras to monitor, analyze and alert for critical events in real-time. With a point-and-click technology, it’s quick and easy to get up and running so you can get ROI straight away.

Improve worker safety
Monitor facility usage and status
Improve product quality
Reduce waste & costs

Want to see Kibsi in action?

Check out this "Built in 5 Minutes" Video showing a PPE application. It's just one of the many use cases that Kibsi supports.

Kibsi delivers computer vision for manufacturing

Men using tool in a warehouse with purple overlay

Quality Control

Eliminate defects

Use Kibsi to easily identify and eliminate defects in real-time, ensuring high quality products every time. Advanced algorithms analyze every product during production and can alert operators of any deviations from standards.

Men attempting to grab box to put it away with purple overlay

Worker Safety

Prevent accidents and injuries

In real-time, monitor,  identify, and prevent potential accidents and injuries on the production floor.  By analyzing the movements and postures of workers, Kibsi can alert operators of any unsafe behavior, helping to create a safer work environment.

3 workers discussing work task at a warehouse with purple overlay

Monitor PPE

Ensure workers are protected

Alert operators of any instances where PPE is not properly worn or used to ensure the safety and health of workers. By identifying issues quickly, you reduce the risk of accidents and injuries on the production floor and can flag training opportunities.

Men using touch screen computer to complete task with purple overlay

Track Production

Increase visibility & analyze workflow

Track the progress of your production process in real-time, providing valuable insights into bottlenecks, delays, and other issues that may be impacting efficiency and quality. Analytics could include time on the line, duration at various stages, most frequent breakpoints, etc.

A picture of many boxes at a warehouse with purple overlay

Misplaced Assets

Quickly find lost or incorrectly placed assets

Despite robust operating procedures, equipment can still be left in undesignated areas resulting in safety hazards, potential theft/damage, or simply not having the equipment where and when you need it.

Two workers leaning over an injured worker to see if they are okay

Injury Detection

Respond to falls or accidents faster

Using artificial intelligence, Kibsi is able to recognize sudden changes of position including falls to the floor. Identify unsafe areas and/or get people help immediately with real-time alerts.

Man looking at iPad working on task with purple overlay

Predictive maintenance

Reduce Downtime with Proactive Repairs

Keep your manufacturing facilities running smoothly with visual analysis of your equipment. Identify excessive wear and damage or flag required maintenance. This allows you to schedule repairs or replacements in advance avoiding costly downtime.

birds view of warehouse with boxes ready to be put away

Inventory management

Reduce Waste & Optimize Inventory

Using your existing cameras or new ones, Kibsi can automatically track your inventory and update systems or generate alerts in real-time when supplies are getting low, ensuring you always have an accurate picture of you inventory levels.

Man lying on the ground injured co worker running over to him to check on him with purple overlay

Proximity alerts

Flag Equipment and Worker Risks

Almost every facility has areas that are particularly unsafe for workers due to high speed equipment, potential for collision, or other risk factors. Use Kibsi to monitor those areas and delivery real-time proximity alerts – it can even disable equipment to ensure safety.

a picture of the top of the warehouse lights with purple overlay

Energy Management

Reduce costs in unused spaces

Using your existing camera network, you can gain a dashboard of current occupancy for any viewable space. Kibsi can also track other occupancy metrics such as average, total, min, max, and so on. These insights provide an unparalleled understanding of your facility usage and efficiency.

Men at warehouse riding forklift carrying boxes with purple overlay

Optimize Logistics

Increase efficiency and accuracy

Track and optimize the movement of materials, products, and equipment within manufacturing facilities. By visually analyzing the logistics process with Kibsi, you can identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies and make changes to improve the flow of goods.

A sink with dirty dishes with purple overlay

Employee Experience

Get and retain great workers

Use Kibsi to analyze and monitor the work environment and employee behavior to spot issues that could negatively influence morale, such as cleanliness, overcrowding or inadequate lighting.