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Kibsi Computer Vision for LIFE SCIENCES & PHARMA

Improve Life Science and Pharma with Computer Vision

Use your existing camera network to efficiently monitor activity within your facilities to optimize safety, quality,  and efficiency.

Life Science Advances with Video Intelligence

Software being used and monitor with computer vision for embedded products

For life science development and manufacturing facilities aiming to create and deliver valuable and life-saving products, computer vision with artificial intelligence is an essential tool. Whether biomedical devices or pharmaceuticals, success can only be achieved with efficient development coupled with unparalleled quality control.

Kibsi delivers unmatched capabilities for visual intelligence so that you can focus on delivering your best products to the people that need them.

Understand and Improve Your Product Production and Facilities Like Never Before

Kibsi utilizes your current security/video cameras to track, assess, and alert you in the case of a critical event in real-time, Kibsi’s next-generation computer vision platform enables you to make the most of the technology you already own.You may get started right away and begin seeing a ROI using Kibsi’s point-and-click technology.

Improve Employee Safety
Improve Quality & Compliance
Optimize Operations
Reduce Waste & Costs

Kibsi Delivers Computer Vision for Life Science

doctor standing in front of medical equipment waiting for something in purple overlay

Quality Control

Eliminate Defects

Use Kibsi to easily identify and eliminate defects in real-time, ensuring high quality products every time. Advanced algorithms analyze every product during production and can alert operators of any deviations from standards.

tight security on several machines in purple overlay

Enhance Security

Monitor Key Doorways or Facilities & Prevent Issues

Whether it’s entrances or exits, storage rooms or patient rooms, Kibsi can be a virtual set of eyes that helps to keep your facility safe. Using special rules, custom regions and relationships, Kibsi can selectively monitor for, report on, and/or alert to specific activity.

pharma tech reviewing medicine to move through the line in a purple overlay

Monitor PPE

Ensure Workers are Protected

Alert operators of any instances where PPE is not properly worn or used to ensure the safety and health of workers. By identifying issues quickly you reduce the risk of accidents and injuries on the production floor and flag training opportunities.

a line of medical vials being tracked for production in a purple overlay

Track Production

Increase visibility & analyze workflow

Track the progress of your production process in real-time, providing valuable insights into bottlenecks, delays, and other issues that may be impacting efficiency and quality. Analytics could include time on the line, duration at various stages, most frequent breakpoints, etc.

medical equipment with no one standing near it with a purple overlay

Monitor Processes

Ensure SOPs are Correctly Followed

From safety protocols to step-by-step engineering tasks, delivering a correct, high quality product is often tied to how it is created. Kibsi can visually monitor and alert for deviations from your SOPs.

maintenance is being performed on equipment in a purple overlay

Predictive Maintenance

Reduce Downtime with Proactive Repairs

Keep your processes running smoothly by using visual analysis of your equipment to identify excessive wear/damage or to flag required maintenance. This allows you to schedule repairs or replacements in advance avoiding costly downtime.

Verify packaging with machines in a purple overlay

Verify Packaging

Monitor Final Goods for Completeness & Quality

When dealing with blister packs, liquid medications, or other micro manufactured products, the final product needs to be perfect. Ensuring that all the pills are present or that a bottle is correctly filled is vital for patient safety and success.

several vials of product lined up for inventory in a purple overlay

Inventory Management

Reduce Waste & Optimize Inventory

Using your existing cameras or new ones, Kibsi can automatically estimate your inventory and update systems or generate alerts in real-time, ensuring that you always have an accurate picture of your stock levels.

medical tech reviewing the equipment and moving product down the line in purple overlay

Proximity Alerts

Flag Equipment and Worker Risks

If your facility has areas that are particularly unsafe for workers due to high speed equipment, contamination potential, or other risk factors, you could use Kibsi to delivery real-time proximity alerts – it can even disable equipment automatically to ensure worker and product safety.

long hallway in a medical building with tight security in a purple overlay

Energy Management

Reduce costs in unused spaces

Using your existing camera network, you can gain a dashboard of current occupancy for any viewable space. Kibsi can also track other occupancy metrics such as average, total, min, max, and so on. These insights provide an unparalleled understanding of your facility usage and efficiency.

pharma tech standing in front of machine clicking buttons to make it work in a purple overlay

Optimize Logistics

Increase efficiency and accuracy

Track and optimize the movement of materials, products, and equipment within manufacturing facilities. By visually analyzing the logistics process with Kibsi, you can identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies and make changes to improve the flow of goods.

medicine coming down the work line for quality control in purple overlay

Prevent Microstops

Manage Your Production Lines More efficiently

Kibsi’s technology is not only able to see a product at a specific moment, it can also extrapolate where that product has come from in the process. Using this information you could understand which lines are leading to micro stops so you can reroute products and increase output.