Take action and gain insights

Kibsi produces visual data from cameras, enabling you to respond to situations in real time, while providing tools to discover hidden patterns and trends in your business.

Take action and gain insights

Kibsi produces live, real-time visual data from cameras, enabling you to respond to situations instantly, with custom events, notifications, and sophisticated actions that keep you in the know. You can also explore patterns and trends in your business with a timeline view integrated with your data lakes to gain new insights and understanding.

Focus on the things that matter

By providing more than just raw detections, Kibsi allows you to define specific conditions as events that matter to your business. Events are captured, stored, and available for notifications, actions, and deeper analysis. For situations that require manual review, Kibsi can capture an image or short video around the moment of interest.

Create events from any detected object or attribute

Instantaneous events, for point of time occurrences

Extended span with explicit start and end conditions

Capture images or video for manual review

Stay in the know

Receive a text message or e-mail when a specific event is triggered. Or better yet, invoke a webhook in order to take immediate action, display data into a custom application or integrate into a larger workflow.

See what’s going on, then & now

Kibsi provides an instantaneous snapshot of your application, including detections, relationships, and events. A powerful historical view allows you to travel in time, viewing data at any point in the past, providing opportunities to discover patterns and trends, diagnose operational issues, and gain new business insights.

Your data, your way

Integrate Kibsi data streams into your analysis for for a deeper understanding of your business.

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Contextual understanding

Compose multiple detectors with simple logic to gain additional insights and add context, creating limitless combinations.

No-code platform built for all

A rich canvas to map detections into your business language. Our no-code, drag-and-drop interface allows anyone to build custom computer vision applications.

Point & click deployment

Computer vision outcomes require a lot of components, assembled in just the right way. Kibsi has you covered from development through production, with just a few clicks - no fragile processes to build & maintain.

Building blocks for any use case

Built-in computer vision models for thousands of objects and classes, curated to provide state-of-the-art detections. And of course, you can bring your own custom detectors built on common architectures.

An API for the physical world

Treat the real-world as if it was a relational datastore. Understand the life cycle, long-term state, and interactions of detected objects. It’s like having an actual API that returns the state of the physical world.