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From the Kibsi blog:

Case study for Glasspar: Improving restaurant operations with computer vision

Case study for Glasspar: Improving restaurant operations with computer vision

About Glasspar:

Glasspar is a classic American seafood hall – redefined. The menu is thoughtfully sourced, respectfully prepared, and creatively presented. All the while providing a high-energy, fun, bustling atmosphere that pays great attention to detail and a high level of service.

The opportunity:

Glasspar thoughtfully utilizes technology “behind the scenes” to create memorable dining experiences for their guests, deliver world-class service, and manage restaurant operations. By adopting computer vision, Glasspar is able to continue to enhance the data and metrics that are used to plan & execute its unique vision of an American seafood hall.

Why Kibsi + AWS:

Kibsi, powered by AWS, is a computer vision platform that takes unstructured video streams and turns them into structured data in the customer’s business domain. As a no-code environment, Kibsi enables businesses to tap into the power of computer vision and build sophisticated data models & analysis with just a few clicks – no AI expertise required.

Glasspar leverages Kibsi’s platform to gain real-time insights into restaurant operations and deliver incredible customer experiences. The data produced by Kibsi is integrated with other business data in AWS and used to provide a holistic data platform for business operations.


By integrating the Kibsi platform with Glasspar’s AWS-based analytics stack, Glasspar is able to use the low-code computer vision features of the Kibsi platform to improve efficiency and enhance its customer experiences – including table state, interactions, and inventory management.

“Kibsi enables us to serve exceptional customer experiences by gaining real-time insights into how our business is running so that we can improve efficiency, quality, and, most importantly, our customer experience in the restaurant.”

Kirk Waldfogel
Co-founder, Glasspar

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