AI Computer Vision in Manufacturing

95% of manufacturers see Computer Vision + AI as the Next Big Thing

What will you see with Kibsi?



What will you see with Kibsi?

At Kibsi, we help manufacturing and supply chain companies improve safety, production line efficiencies, and more through our next generation AI computer vision (CV) SaaS platform. Kibsi uses your existing security / video cameras to monitor, analyze and alert for critical events in real time.





The Answer is Intelligent Video

Manufacturing and distribution companies are facing significant challenges. With costs rising and tighter margins throughout the entire process, you need new strategies and solutions that can capitalize on your existing technology investments while adding new, automated capabilities.


Kibsi Makes AI Computer Vision Work
for Everyone

Kibsi’s video intelligence solution sees your plant and warehouse in a whole new way. Through computer vision and cutting edge AI with machine learning, Kibsi identifies virtually any object in a live video stream – people, equipment, components, areas, etc. – and will analyze them against your rules and requirements to deliver insights and real-time alerts.


Forklifts Identified2 - Kibsi

The Future is Flexible and Powerful

Use Kibsi to create a library of valuable manufacturing plant and warehouse insights.

  • Check that workers are wearing the correct PPE in specific areas
  • Notify me immediately if there is a micro-stoppage (or if one is about to occur)
  • Monitor forklifts and other equipment to see where they are and if there is a risk of collision with people or other equipment
  • Stop machines immediately if a person enters the danger zone
  • Identify (or count) inventory or defect items on the production line


Bottom Line Results with Kibsi

  • Reduce the need for manual inspection
  • Prevent costly accidents and safety issues
  • Increase production flow by reacting faster to micro stoppages
  • Improve product quality by identifying production line errors


Deliver Computer Vision in Minutes,
Not Months

Creating your Kibsi computer vision solution is surprisingly simple and can be done in a matter of minutes. Kibsi connects to your existing IP camera feed(s). Define what to monitor, where Kibsi should look and the analytics / actions you want as a result.

With best-in-class architecture founded on security, performance, and usability, Kibsi helps you see your world in a whole new way.