Improve patient outcomes and refine manufacturing processes.

A no-code computer vision solution for your existing camera network.

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risky patient postures & movements

provider interaction time & frequency

lost or out of place visitors

space for hazards & occupancy

The possibilities on Kibsi are endless.
Where will your imagination take you?

possibilities with Kibsi

Build awesome stuff.

Integrate cameras into your business processes in real-time.

Use your existing cameras to enhance workflows and processes with applications that understand the physical world.

Enrich data lakes with visual data.

Turn camera feeds into structured data inside your data lakes, adding compelling context and insights to your analyses.

Build digital twins that see.

Use visual data to enhance your digital twins and give them incredible context without thousands of new sensors.

Power up your products and applications with computer vision.

Deliver better outcomes to your customers by integrating computer vision into your hardware, software, and SaaS offerings.

View live data, uncover trends, trigger alerts, and automate actions.

Empower analysts and business leaders with new data – both with real-time understanding and actions, and historical analysis.

Why people love Kibsi

Building blocks for any use case

Built-in computer vision models for thousands of objects and classes, curated to provide state-of-the-art detections. And of course, you can bring your own custom detectors built on common architectures.

Contextual understanding

Compose multiple detectors with simple logic to gain additional insights and add context, creating limitless combinations.

No-code platform built for all

A rich canvas to map detections into your business language. Our no-code, drag-and-drop interface allows anyone to build custom computer vision applications.

Point & click deployment

Computer vision outcomes require a lot of components, assembled in just the right way. Kibsi has you covered from development through production, with just a few clicks - no fragile processes to build & maintain.

An API for the physical world

Treat the real-world as if it was a relational datastore. Understand the life cycle, long-term state, and interactions of detected objects. It’s like having an actual API that returns the state of the physical world.

Measure everything

Level-up your analyses with new data and insights that have never been accessible before. Use time-series data from Kibsi to inform business decisions, optimize workflows, and delight customers.