What’s in our Name? The Answer to Computer Vision

Kibsi Meaning

If there is one thing more difficult than naming a new startup, it’s naming a new TECH startup! Do you try to pick a quirky name, a sentimental one, or just some random made-up option?

As we started to build our vision for what would one day become “Kibsi,” we went round and round about the perfect name. Our founder group represents a mix of technology, commercial, and operations experts, so you can imagine that led to healthy debates during the naming process!

One thing we did all agree on was the vision for our quickly forming company. We wanted to make computer vision accessible to every business without them having to spend months/years struggling with custom code and herds of expensive consultants.

With that in mind, we envisioned a flexible platform that was user-friendly and could readily connect to any existing IP cameras. Through this combination, companies would be able to build virtually any use case themselves in minutes rather than months. And they would be able to SEE their businesses in new ways with DATA.

The old adage, “a picture paints a thousand words…” was close to what we were going for, but we knew that video could paint MORE than a thousand. So…how could we communicate that our new platform and company was focused on helping businesses to SEE those pictures in a new way?

Naturally, we got nerdy. It’s true that 1,000 bytes equal a KILOBYTE, but kilo is a prefix more for mathematicians than programmers. When it comes to computers (and being pedantic with technical terminology), we opted to go with the word that specifically means 1,024 bytes – KIBIBYTE.

That our goal was to help businesses to SEE more with VIDEO DATA led us to ultimately create our catchy and fun company/product name: Kibsi.

KIB = 1024 bytes of data
SI = See, visualize, yes

Kibsi helps organizations to see more with computer vision – after all, a Kibsi connected to video paints more than 1000 words; it paints paths to new, brilliant opportunities.