Kibsi Joins NTTVC Portfolio to Unleash Vision-enabled Apps


Kibsi is thrilled to announce our partnership with NTTVC. Thank you for helping us unleash the future of vision-enabled solutions.

“We’re excited to share that our NTTVC team’s latest investment is in Kibsi, a no code computer vision platform that turns every camera into a thousand sensors, making it simple for enterprises to leverage their visual data and build computer vision applications that drive impactful business outcomes. The founding team – Amanda McQueen, Tolga Tarhan, and Amir Kashani – have worked together for years across multiple successful startups, honing a deep understanding of how to help enterprises adopt public cloud and develop cloud native apps. By dramatically simplifying service development for enterprises, the use cases for Kibsi are virtually limitless. “Our NTTVC team loved being part of the early brainstorming sessions that helped shape Kibsi’s vision and we’re honored to be lead investor for their first funding round.”

Vab Goel, Founding Partner, NTTVC

“NTTVC unlocked access to impactful resources and meaningful connections that accelerated our business immediately. The team is easy to work with, guides us with conviction from their own operational experience, and challenges us in all of the right ways.”

Tolga Tarhan, Kibsi CEO

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