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Kibsi Joins NTTVC Portfolio to Unleash Vision-enabled Apps

We are beyond excited to announce that NTTVC has invested in Kibsi, our groundbreaking no-code computer vision platform. This partnership enables us to further our mission to simplify the development of vision-enabled applications for enterprises and drive meaningful business outcomes. A huge thank you goes out to the NTTVC team for their unwavering support and belief in our vision.

The Founding Team…Kibsi is the brainchild of our exceptional founding team – Amanda McQueen, Tolga Tarhan, and Amir Kashani. The trio has an extensive background working together on multiple successful startups, developing a deep understanding of how to help enterprises adopt public cloud and create cloud-native applications. With their combined expertise and drive, the potential of Kibsi knows no bounds.

The Power of Kibsi…Our platform is designed to turn every camera into a thousand sensors, making it simple for businesses to leverage their visual data and build computer vision applications that drive impactful results. By dramatically simplifying service development for enterprises, the use cases for Kibsi are virtually limitless. From retail analytics to smart city planning and beyond, Kibsi’s computer vision technology has the potential to transform industries.

The NTTVC Partnership… NTTVC has been an integral part of Kibsi’s journey from the very beginning. Founding Partner Vab Goel shares, “Our NTTVC team loved being part of the early brainstorming sessions that helped shape Kibsi’s vision, and we’re honored to be the lead investor for their first funding round.” This partnership has not only provided Kibsi with the financial backing needed to scale but also unlocked access to impactful resources and meaningful connections that accelerated our business immediately.

Our CEO, Tolga Tarhan, praises the working relationship with NTTVC: “The team is easy to work with, guides us with conviction from their own operational experience, and challenges us in all the right ways.” This collaboration has been invaluable for our growth and success, and we’re thrilled to have NTTVC on board as we continue to revolutionize the world of computer vision.

What’s Next for Kibsi…With the support of NTTVC, we’re more driven than ever to push the boundaries of what’s possible with computer vision technology. We will continue to develop and refine our platform, ensuring it remains accessible, user-friendly, and powerful for enterprises of all sizes. Our commitment is to help businesses unlock the full potential of their visual data and create innovative, game-changing solutions that drive meaningful outcomes.

We are incredibly grateful for NTTVC’s investment in Kibsi and their ongoing support throughout our journey. With their help, we’re well on our way to unleashing the future of vision-enabled solutions and making a lasting impact on enterprises around the globe. Stay tuned for more exciting news and developments from Kibsi, and once again, thank you, NTTVC, for believing in our vision.