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Kibsi: A radically new way to develop, deploy, and manage vision-enabled solutions

Video transcription

Take a look at these videos. They are recording security footage that, in all likelihood, no one will ever look at. But these cameras could be delivering a ton of context. This context could help us build applications and give us new insights and data; cameras like these are everywhere. These are assets you already have, and odds are you’ve just underestimated their potential.

Hi, I’m Tolga Tarhan, and I’d like to introduce you to Kibsi. This revolutionary new platform makes computer vision a reality for any use case, bringing your business actionable new insights.

What if computers understood the physical world and could reason on top of that data? What kind of problems could you solve? The benefits of computer vision are incredible.

But it’s risky and time-consuming to build computer vision applications. The path from POC to production is a windy road. As a result, many applications go undeveloped. It’s simply too difficult, too expensive, requires too much integration, or is just too uncertain. And that’s where Kibsi comes in.

Kibsi is a radically new way to develop, deploy and manage vision-enabled solutions at scale. To contextualize this, let’s look at the scene from this cafe. As a human, you intuitively understand what everybody in this picture is doing. And like you, Kibsi can also see all the people in this image. That is not very actionable.

What we really want is to see the data and understand it the same way that a human would. It’s not enough to identify people in the image. What we need is a rich understanding of the full context. What is each person doing? How many people are seated together? Do they have their food? How long have they been here? Has a server come by to check on them? And when? Kibsi delivers all of this contextualized data as a visual twin, which is a live, continuously updating the digital representation of people, objects, activities, and interactions, all determined from the real world.

With Kibsi, an image that’s otherwise meaningless becomes a real-time data store of the physical world. Kibsi empowers new use cases in customer experience, safety, optimization, and analytics. While we just walked through a cafe, Kibsi works in every environment, from industrial to retail to logistics to event menus and any other indoor or outdoor space.

We can’t wait to bring your vision to life.