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Revolutionizing Airport Operations with Computer Vision: Efficiency and Safety Take Flight with Kibsi

Airports are bustling hubs of activity, with countless moving parts that can make or break the efficiency of air travel. Enter Kibsi, a cutting-edge computer vision platform that’s making waves in airport operations with its innovative applications. In this video, we walk you through how Kibsi’s video intelligence can be applied to a variety of scenarios to optimize airport performance and safety.

Airside Operations: Ramp Safety and Aircraft Turn Times

The first application focuses on airside operations, using video streams from an airport tarmac to track ramp safety and optimize aircraft turn times. Kibsi’s platform combines computer vision and AI to keep tabs on every aspect of the process.

In the demo video, you’ll see a plane arriving at the gate, where the jetway extends, and baggage carts roll up. The Kibsi platform captures every detail of these operations in an overlay, noting the time and changes to the status (also known as “state”). This data is automatically collected and stored, providing airport operators with valuable insights for analyzing performance and trends.

Catering trucks and fuel trucks come and go, with the platform tracking each stage of their progress. The real-time data collection also allows for alerts to be triggered if there’s a delay, issue, or critical safety incident on the ground. Once the plane is refueled and ready, the jetway is pushed back, and it’s off to the next destination.

Terminal Efficiency: Counting Passengers and Carry-On Bags

The second application shifts its focus to the terminal, specifically at the boarding gate. Here, Kibsi’s platform is used to count passengers and carry-on bags as they board the plane. With a counter in the top corner of the screen, it’s easy to monitor the boarding process, helping to reduce delays and ensuring a smoother takeoff.

And more…

In addition to streamlining the boarding process, the Kibsi platform can be utilized throughout airport terminals to manage flow and congestion. This valuable data can also be applied to various businesses within the airport, such as restaurants, coffee shops, and retailers, to track customer analytics and improve overall customer service.

With Kibsi’s computer vision platform, the future of airport efficiency and safety is looking brighter than ever. From airside operations to terminal management, Kibsi’s applications are transforming the way airports operate, ensuring smoother, safer, and more enjoyable travel experiences for everyone.