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Kibsi Computer Vision for HEALTHCARE

Improve Patient Outcomes with Computer Vision

Use your existing camera network to efficiently monitor activity within your facility to optimize patient care while saving time and money.

Health Care Thrives with Video Intelligence

Software being used and monitor with computer vision for embedded products

Computer vision with artificial intelligence is a vital tool for healthcare facilities striving to deliver exceptional care while faced with managing costs.

Technology, like Kibsi, can help you to monitor and run your facilities efficiently while ensuring your staff is equipped to provide unparalleled care.

Computer vision is transforming healthcare facilities. Are you ready?

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Understand and Improve Your Healthcare Facility Like Never Before

Kibsi’s next-generation computer vision platform let’s you stretch the tech you already have by using your existing security/video cameras to monitor, analyze and alert for critical events in real-time. With a point-and-click technology, it’s quick and easy to get up and running so you can get ROI straight away.

Improve Patient & Worker Safety
Monitor Facility Usage and Status
Improve Quality of Care for Patients
Reduce Patient Wait Times

Kibsi Delivers Computer Vision for Healthcare

purple cover over the Healthcare Surgery PPE

Medical PPE

Verify compliance with standard operating procedures

Kibsi is fully configurable so that you can decide where and when to monitor for potential safety issues/hazards. You select what to monitor for (masks, gloves, etc.) and what to do when an issue arises (capture statistics, notify a person, etc.).

patient sitting on bed in a purple overlay

Patient Movement

Prevent falls, improve patient outcomes with real-time alerts

Leverage the facility cameras you already to monitor for patient activity. Kibsi can delivery real-time alerts if a patient moves outside of a designated area (e.g. gets out of bed) so that staff can be there to assist.

Long line of patients waiting to be seen by the doctor in a purple overlay

No-Waiting Rooms

Improve patient experience by decreasing wait times

Delivering great patient care at your facility starts in the waiting room by measuring when people arrive and how long they are waiting before interacting with staff.

Patient medical machine with a purple overlay

Machine Monitoring

An extra set of AI-eyes on dials, gauges and screens

With so many pieces of equipment monitoring (and potentially alerting) for patients, it can difficult for staff to watch them all. Kibsi can use cameras to watch equipment and alert to specific indicators or changes in status.

random hospital beds in a hospital hallway blocking traffic with a purple overlay

Misplaced Equipment

Quickly find lost or incorrectly placed assets

Despite robust operating procedures, equipment can still be left in undesignated areas resulting in safety hazards, potential theft/damage, or simply not having the equipment needed to support patients. 

patient on the ground from a fall in purple overlay

Fall Detection

Respond to falls or injuries faster

Using artificial intelligence, Kibsi is able to recognize sudden changes of position including falls to the floor. Identify unsafe areas and/or get people help immediately with alerts.

Empty radiotherapy machine in the hospital with a purple overlay

Treatment Space Management

Ensure facilities are being used to maximum

Keeping treatment rooms and beds available and ready for patients is a sign of a well run facility. Kibsi can track (and notify) when areas become vacant, are serviced, or need attention based on your criteria.

Nurse taking medical supplies in a storage room with a purple overlay

Enhance Security

Monitor key doorways or facilities to prevent issues

Whether it’s entrances or exits, storage rooms or patient rooms, Kibsi can be a virtual set of eyes that helps to keep your facility safe. Using special rules, custom regions and relationships, Kibsi can selectively monitor for, report on, and/or alert to specific activity.

a picture of the top of the warehouse lights with purple overlay

Energy Management

Reduce costs in unused spaces

Use Kibsi to monitor for people in select areas. Use this analysis to better plan facility usage. When people aren’t present, save on costs by lowering lights or turning off other utilities as appropriate. 

Doctor interacting with a female patient with a purple overlay

Provider Interaction

Track time & frequency of patient and provider interactions

Truly understand your staff and patient interactions. With Kibsi’s AI computer vision technology, you could identify the frequency of staff interaction with patients to truly understand the amount of care your patients need and the support your teams are delivering.

wheelchair in a hospital waiting room in a purple overlay

Hazard Monitor

Alert to hazards in passageways or areas

Keep your facility safe with the help of Kibsi. By designating specific areas as clear passages or open areas, Kibsi can use your existing camera network to monitor for people, obstructions, equipment or anything else that is in an area for an extended period of time. Real-time alerts will help your team react quickly and efficiently.

standard hospital room with a purple overlay

Occupancy Check

Know what spaces and equipment are in use

Using your existing camera network, you can gain a dashboard of current occupancy for any viewable space. Kibsi can also track other occupancy metrics such as average, total, min, max and so on. These insights provide unparalleled understanding of your facility usage and efficiency.