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Case study: Shaping the future of pet wellness with recognition

About Whisker:

Whisker is the inventors and maker of the Litter-Robot, Feeder-Robot, and As leading innovators in pet tech and refined pet accessories, Whisker works tirelessly to solve problems for pet parents while delivering smarter insights for pet parents to enrich the lives of pets. Whether it’s a self-cleaning litter box that automates scooping, an automatic feeder that helps pets develop healthier eating habits, or a modern cat tree that delights both humans and felines, Whisker strives to deliver smarter solutions for consumers while transforming pet care along the way.

The opportunity:

Whisker’s household robots collect unique data and pet health insights through real-time appliance use behavior. One of the company’s unique challenges posed by many households with more than one cat is identifying each cat individually to offer pet parents the best and most accurate wellness insights. Whisker’s phase two cat recognition capabilities will enable robust visual identification of each cat across multi-cat households, ensuring that important health metrics are associated with the correct pet with each visit to Whisker’s robots. Whisker can use the individualized cat tracking and behavior profiles to build a lifetime profile of a pet’s wellness with Whisker products, offering pet health monitoring, and proactive notifications about irregularities in use and consumption.

Why Kibsi + AWS:

Whisker chose AWS and the Kibsi platform to support the complex development of its technical real-time cat recognition models. Building on the Kibsi platform alongside Whisker’s innovative hardware and software, it will be possible to distinguish one cat from another in multi-cat households so that important health metrics are properly associated with each cat. Since both the Kibsi platform and Whisker’s applications are built natively on AWS using powerful AWS services such as Amazon Kinesis Video and Data Streams, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and Amazon S3, Whisker can seamlessly integrate visuals from Kibsi’s platform with health insights collected by Whisker’s products. This helped Whisker accelerate its timeline of development so that it can bring this innovative technology to Whisker customers everywhere.


By integrating the Kibsi platform with Whisker’s tech stack, Whisker is building real-time applications at scale, enabling incredible new product features, in an effort to bring the best solutions to pet parents. The Kibsi platform allows Whisker to move quickly and seamlessly integrate visual data into their product lineup.

“Whisker is incredibly excited to be part of Kibsi’s early product development as we lean deeper into pet health and cat recognition. They’ve been a great partner for five years (Kibsi’s founders were early technical advisors to Whisker) and we’re looking forward to growing with Kibsi as we dive deeper into recognition and machine learning for our core family of products!”

Jacob Zuppke
President & CEO, Whisker